Mind Savvy

In today’s competitive business environment, a company needs to maximize every resource available. Too often, an organization’s processes are slow and cumbersome, error prone and disconnected from other related aspects of the business. A precisely customized application by Mind Savvy can be developed to integrate seamlessly into your existing environment and meet all of your business needs in a way that no out of the box solution can.

Providing Integration Strategies.
Healthcare Integration
Interface Development

Interface development and creatively solving integration issues is a Mind Savvy area of specialization. Fluent in HL7 and related interface protocols, Mind Savvy is well versed in the development of HL7 interfaces and other data exchange challenges.

Our experience extends from common integration engines and tools such as Corepoint and Mirth to completely custom interface solutions developed with .Net and SQL Server.

Mind Savvy has the broad knowledge and skill necessary to effectively gather and digest specifications and translate those requirements into robust and maintainable interfaces.

Moreover, Mind Savvy can assist with migration projects. Whether changing a major system component, changing vendors, or implementing a new integration engine, Mind Savvy can help.

Data Frameworks

In integral part of the Mind Savvy approach to interfacing is the implementation of a framework. As it relates to interfaces and integration strategy, a framework provides a software infrastructure for common tasks and configurations. This type of framework enables reuse of transformation logic, consistent interface implementation and decreased turn around time. A framework can be built to fit an organizations specific needs and made to work in conjunction with an integration engine.

Utilizing database settings to drive the engine activity, the reuse of existing transformations and connections can be performed without requiring an interface developer. Moreover, this removes the need to continually add and modify conditional logic inside the interface engine which often makes the interfaces fragile and error prone.

With role-based security, the framework can expose the various tasks to only authorized individuals/groups. Therefore, tasks such as data mapping can be handled by the business users who have the domain knowledge rather than the IT department.

Integration Strategy

The difficulties most organizations face with interfacing and data exchange go beyond the technical to the strategic. Mind Savvy combines extensive interface development experience with a process and software architectural mindset. This combination results in a particular way of looking at the challenges of interfacing. Rather than just providing a high level of technical expertise, we work with our clients on interfacing strategy in order to craft a cohesive, maintainable and cost-effective long term integration solution.

In many ways, developing individual interfaces can be easy with the right tools and technical know-how. Under increasing business pressure, organizations often default to this approach and lean on the technicians to “just get it done.” However, to view interfacing simply building one standalone interface after another is to invite an ever-growing and difficult to support collection of mini-systems.

Partner with Mind Savvy to address the challenges of interfacing in a manner that provides long-term maintainability and ease of support, resource management and integration with existing systems and processes.

Quality in the details you may never see.
Custom Development
Custom Software

Mind Savvy's Custom Software solutions are perfectly fitted to your specifications and are geared toward maximizing the benefit to your bottom line. Utilizing custom software to automate business process can turn a company's core business functions into an efficient end-to-end process flow.

Software automation of workflow reduces errors, eliminates bottlenecks, increases security, allows for integration with other vital business processes, decreases costs, and saves time.

Data Solutions

Leading organizations in every industry recognize the need to leverage their data. Mind Savvy excels at consolidating, analyzing and reporting data to provide useful decision support and performance management information.

Many organizations are challenged by vast amounts of data and the daunting task of bringing that data into a useful and cohesive whole. Mind Savvy can provide the needed services to enable you to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available through managing and analyzing your data.

Web Development

Organizations in today's information-hungry culture are at a disadvantage without an easily accessible presence on the web. To be competitive in the current marketplace, a quality website that delivers a compelling user experience is essential.

Web-based applications can also enhance the way your clients, partners, suppliers, and employees do business together. Web-enable your business so that you can take advantage of the web to integrate offline functions and processes with online availability and flexibility.

Adding unexpected value.
Exceptional Experience

Let's face it. We've all had more bad customer service experiences than we care to think about. Isn't it refreshing to work with a company that stands apart because of a great customer experience?

The Mind Savvy team holds the exceptional customer experience as a core value. This means more than having a nice person answer the support line. It means that our aim is to treat our customers as we would want to be treated. It means respect, responsiveness, attention to detail and aligning ourselves with our customer's goals.

It is our belief that successful engagements are a natural result of a deep sense of loyalty and service to our customers. This is the bedrock of our business and we know you will be able to tell the difference.

Business Insight

Flowing directly from our commitment and exceptional customer experience is what we call Business Insight. We don't want to just arrive in full-geek-mode, take down the technical requirements and disappear for eight weeks to write software.

We want to help customers meet their goals and overcome their challenges. And, what we've found is that if the customer will help us understand the broader business context and workflow, we can often incorporate and streamline related processes.

The ultimate outcome of applying Business Insight is a more comprehensive, integrated and useful solution. Therefore, our second commitment is to strive for insights into the customer's business where additional, unexpected value can be created.

Technical Integrity

Technical Integrity is another outgrowth of our pledge to a great customer experience. Technical Integrity is a term we use to convey more than just technical expertise. After all, you wouldn't want to hire a team that did not hold itself to the highest technical standards anyway.

Beyond programming skill, agile methodologies and even Best Practices, Technical Integrity speaks to "going the distance." It is crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's. It is refusing to take short cuts, even if the customer wouldn't know the difference.

Our commitment to Technical Integrity means Mind Savvy delivers quality in the details you may never even see.